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Only he who has satisfied employees...

...will have satisfied customers; only he who has satisfied customers will be doing good operative business. (Heribert Schmitz, CEO Hewlett-Packard GmbH)

Incentives stimulate top performance. Recognition creates sustained positive impulses.

Incentives are competitions and bonuses for over-achieving staff. Companies rewarding the performance of their top staff in this manner will benefit from it long term. Highly motivated, content employees are the source of power for any successful enterprise. They can be trusted to act self-reliantly and with a maximum of loyalty.

Our incentives will tickle the ambition of each team member, because we are taken all key data of the target group into account. The goal is to create incentives that will translate into added value for every one participating. Extraordinary places, breath-taking impressions, daunting tasks, exciting challenges, new worlds, sustained inspiration - in a word: implanting the desire to definitely want to be a part of it again next time around.